About Us

Our Vision

Our Purpose


Mary Cruz is a brand that has a clear view of what their mission is is a brand that cares, Mary Cruz took time to identify the core and the heart heart of their brand - because in doing so, we got to be in touch of who we really are: authentic, welcoming, and gentle.

Our Journey

Mary Cruz worked as an instructor for 2 years, before she applied as a Professor in FEU Diliman later on. But as time passes by, she begins to think of the possibility that maybe that field of expertise is not meant for her. She met her husband, Khelvin Cruz, as she goes on to search for a path that she's meant to take. She took a risk on the importation business and surprisingly have had a great head start; she found a business partner to work with, received more than she expected, and had accumulated experiences about this line of business.

Of course, heroes don't become heroes overnight. More than ever, they get challenges - because that’s what makes them strong. Through all the challenges, Mary persevered. She took risks, took chances, and made her failures & worries into opportunities. And that is what led her to where she is now!

She's got 4 major tips to help your business flourish: INVEST. TAKE RISKS. TRUST THE RIGHT PARTNER. BE A BLESSING TO OTHERS.